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An Integrated Marketing Communications for Bayridge Cask and Keg by Team Envision Marketing for SLC 2015.




Digital Audit for Advertising and Marketing Communications

An infographic illustrating the Digital Audit for the Advertising and Marketing Communications program of St. Lawrence College.

The infographic displays AMC’s digital assets, profile, social media competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, content analysis, influencer analysis and volume analysis.


An infographic illustrating the Target Market and Influence Analysis for the Advertising and Marketing Communications program of St. Lawrence College.

The infographic displays AMC’s market and demographics, location, group user statistics, group influencers and influences, group habits, Forrester Technographic Profile, and recommendations.


Pitch Presentation

Our pitch presentation of the Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Bayridge Cask and Keg.

Pitch Presentation thumbnail

Power of Influence

This Prezi slideshow illustrates the importance of persuasion in the digital marketing realm. The presentation takes you to the different “power” phases an influencer can harness.

Power of Influence Prezi Thumbnail

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