Brands Today Thrive On Being Social


“Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values.

Simon Mainwaring

In my years of observing marketing strategies evolve online, there is nothing that intrigues me more than the birth of social branding. Nowadays, Simon Mainwaring and the likes of marketing gurus swear by the methods of Social Branding, where brands need to strategize and think about an innovative approach to storytelling and transforming it to be engaging and relatable to its audience via social platforms.

What is Social Branding all about? It is about sustainability. A brand becomes sustainable when they reach a level of affinity and develop an active and meaningful relationship with their audience. So, how do brands develop meaningful relationships? Well, the answers lie in understanding exactly why an audience choose to talk about these brands. Marketers should know what people want, and finding the opportunity to deliver value to their audience. Another is to offer people things that make their life better thus creating experiences with the audience instead of the typical marketing gig of interruption.

For half a century, marketing plans were designed to grab people’s attention. Social branding differentiates itself because of the thinking and design model of story-telling and creating dialogues to form engaging activities compared to the typical mass-media paradigm that you see these days. Also, Social branding is not a new concept; Idris Motee, CEO of Idea Couture Inc., has stressed insightful views about Social Branding since 2009.

What is even more interesting is that we see brands gaining success by restructuring their business model. They have been so successful that its marketing communications have captivated its loyal audiences; people continuously engage with them and even pay to become a part of its brand. A true and pure form of this is Red Bull.


Red Bull utilizes spectacular and awe-inspiring video content to captivate its fans that even the brand’s “engaging” content, is naturally delivered, by the followers themselves. Ultimately, Red Bull has stopped advertising their products and started “productising” their adverts in the form of events and developing rich media content.



Social branding requires innovative, engaging and relatable ways of capturing its audience because, in today’s world, brands are social and ever socializing.


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