Digital Audit for Advertising and Marketing Communications – IMCSLC

Project Description

The purpose of the digital audit is to see what is happening with the client’s brand and what competitors are doing so that we can set benchmarks and realistic goals and ultimately develop a comprehensive measurement plan for the client.

Our team has to research the owned digital properties for the Advertising and Marketing Communications Program (client) and see how they come up vs their competitors on online searches– keyword, ads, etc.

For the measurement plan, the team will research and analyze what is going on with the client and their competitors by using one or more  of the social media monitoring tools.

This audit will set the benchmarks for monitoring the success of the campaign. Our analysis will include:

  1. Sentiment Analysis
  2. Content Analysis
  3. Influencer Analysis
  4. Volume Analysis
  5. Benchmark Analysis

–  For the infographic creation, I opted to use the Piktochart tool which lets you create easy and free infographics with the least amount of time that it takes (compared to using a desktop program like Illustrator or Photoshop). 


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