Influencer Marketing: The Nuts & Bolts

The Dawn of Influencer Marketing, Future of Internet Marketing


What is an influencer and influencer marketing?

In layman’s term, Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on particular key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. Its focal points are individuals that have an influence on potential buyers or can be buyers themselves. These people amplify your exposure online that may increase your revenue.

When choosing this type of marketing, it is best done with a business objective to give a proper direction of the influencers. To pursue and ensure the 3 main steps of influencer marketing must be met:

  1. Identifying influencers
  2. Target the said influencers
  3. Market to, with, and through those influencers

Identifying Influencers

Use social media tools to characterize influencers based on keywords or specific industry verticals. If you’re searching for a sector influencer, look for the following:

  • people talking about your target market
  • people talking about your competitors
  • people talking about the products and services you offer in general

If you’re searching for a brand influencer, look for the following:

  • people talking about your brand
  • people talking about your products
  • people sharing your contents

Before you can work with an influencer, you need to think like one – gather the facts. Structure your queries and categorize the topics your influencers would write about and their type of content to share.

Targeting The Said Influencers (Aiming for the bulls eye)

In identifying the brand influencer, search for the 3 main points:

  • Relevancy – how significant is this person to your brand? Will their network find their context credible?
  • Reach – what is the size of this influencer’s audience? They’re usually a part of social communities and have a large social audience.
  • Impact – how trustworthy is this influencer’s information? How is he perceived in his network?

Once you have filtered your influencer list, rule out some that are out of your influence ranking since it may vary depending on the brand. Spot the following qualities:

  • Sentiment – how passionate is this influencer towards your target market or brand?
  • Reach – what is the size of this influencer’s audience? How broad is their reach?
  • Affiliation – if the influencer is connected to another company (your competitor) or are they independently creating the content?
  • Impact – how often is their content shared? How influential are they in their network?
  • Experience – how experienced are they in the target market?

Take note that not all influencers are the same. Just because some of the influencers prefer to remain silent, doesn’t mean they can’t be an excellent resource for information.

Market To, With, and Through Those Influencers

Now that you’ve found the perfect fit, never forget to acknowledge them. One of the important things to remember is always to treat your influencers as partners and recognize their passion and expertise. Taking care of your influencers mean taking care of your target market and brand. DON’T be assertive in wanting your influencers to write something about you – brand advocate can easily switch into a detractor. Some of the ways to recognize and appreciate your influencers are the following:

I.     Partnership – to keep a brand advocate, give them special treatment, make them feel important, let them know how important they are and not just a tool

II.      Engagement – get to know them – their interest, opinion on a product or service

III.     Go the extra mile – get in touch. If possible, meet up with them for a cup of coffee or tea

IV.   Compensation – doesn’t have to be in a financial form. Gift checks, memberships, or discounts are great incentives you can give them.

Recognizing your influencers can take many forms – financial or gift. Although, another great reward, is the moral incentive. As influencers, you shape your network and build your credibility. What best gift could you possibly offer your influencers other than exposure? Share their content, help them extend their audience reach, follow their interests are another form of reward to your influencers.

Linking with the right influencers of your brand take time. When you find them, value them, reach out to them, acknowledge and engage with them. Brand advocacy can be created through genuine moments.



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