Integrated Marketing Communications: Bayridge Cask and Keg

Project Description

An Integrated Marketing Communications for Bayridge Cask and Keg by Team Envision Marketing of IMCSLC 2015.

This project won the Greg Awards 2015 for Best in Integrated Marketing Communications Plan. The project plan integrates advertising, marketing communications, digital design and strategy, and social media marketing.

The IMC project was a requirement in fulfillment of a Post Grad Certificate for the Interactive Marketing Communications program of St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario. The accomplishment of the Post-Graduate program prepares students as online digital strategists.

Envision Team Members

Mike Hector (click here for his LinkedIn Profile)

Mike is a copywriter and creative professional residing in Kingston Ontario. He is a graduate of St. Lawrence College’s Integrated Marketing Communications program, is an avid writer of various blogs, and also co-hosts a podcast based on gaming culture. Mike enjoys developing his own creative projects, cooking, and all things food and drink.

Cassandra “Cassie” Pastorfide (click here for her LinkedIn Profile)

Cassie is a passionate marketer with an educational background in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising from the University of San Carlos (Philippines) and boasts an extensive experience in corporate marketing, events, business development, and sales.

Additionally, she was presented with a Golden Mean Award for Design Excellence – Best in Thesis in 2005.

Leslie O’Sullivan (click here for her LinkedIn Profile)

With a degree in English literature and emphasis in French linguistics from Trent University, as well as experience writing for personal and professional blogs, Leslie values her ability to be a strong communicator.

She understands the importance of organized and detail-oriented work in the professional world. Leslie has experience writing professional documents, marketing plans, blog posts, and other creative pieces, and always demands the best of her work.

Andrew Blouin (click here for LinkedIn Profile)

As a new and upcoming videographer and editor, Andrew has a well-rounded skill set revolving around film and post design work. He has a strong proficiency in visual editing software including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid and Final Cut Pro. Having graduated the Television and New Media course at Loyalist College, Andrew has the expertise required to plan and produce a variety of video content.

Andrew brings energy to a group and is a superb communicator, contributing fresh ideas and unparalleled vision.

With the combined skills, and specializations comprising our team, Envision Marketing is prepared to construct a thorough and innovative marketing communications strategy for a wide range of business formats. From research, to creative development, media production, and overall execution – we are prepared to deliver a winning strategy.

– Team Envision Marketing


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