Social Media Marketing Plan for the AMC Program

Project Description

This Social Media Marketing Plan is a project for the Advertising and Marketing Communications program under St. Lawrence College. This project is in fulfillment of the MARK 5002 course – Integrated Digital Media at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario.

Additionally, two infographics from separate posts: The Digital Audit for Advertising and Marketing Communications and Target Market and Influence Analysis serves as the fundamental research basis in structuring the Social Media Marketing Plan.

Team Members of this project:

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Cassie is the creative manager of the Social Media Marketing plan. She decides the general flow of the campaign as well as organizing all of the team activities. Also, she designs and constructs the required templates for the visual components of the plan and campaign.

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Dina is responsible for the content curation of the campaign. She tackles the social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the AMC website, making sure that each platform is informative and engaging. She is also responsible for setting the budget and the timelines of the campaign.

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Cathy handles the analytic side of AMC websites and social media platforms. She regularly analyzes and interprets data from these platforms and then crafts evaluation reports for the rest of the team.

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Ashton is responsible for Research and SEO link building. He searches for fresh content, online. He updates SEO information on the back end of the blogging site. Additionally, he manages the digital files and makes sure all the client’s assets are sorted out in libraries.


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