Target Market and Influence Analysis

Project Description

Project Goal:

Identify and understand the attributes and preferences of the ideal target market and the influence of the AMC program to be able to develop a robust targeted profile and a highly focused strategy with your team.

Target Audience

The target audience for the campaign speaks to the millennial generation. They are from the age bracket of 18-24 years old where the majority is female that belong to the Frontenac County Region.

The target audience belongs to two group segments under the Younger Years PRIZMNE group classification. We identify these two group segments as the Striving Singles and the Mainstream Singles:

Striving Singles are centered in exurban towns and satellite cities; these twenty-something singles typically have low incomes—often under $25,000 a year—from service jobs or part-time work they take on while going to college. Housing for this group consists of a mix of cheap apartment complexes, dormitories, and mobile homes. They are racially mixed and as consumers, the residents in these segments score high for outdoor sports, movies and music, fast food and inexpensive cars.

Mainstream Singles are recognized as young and hip; they are a life stage group of twenty-something who have recently settled in metro neighborhoods. Their incomes range from working-class to well to do, but most residents are still renting apartments in cities or close-in suburbs. These segments contain a high percentage of Asian singles, and there’s a decidedly progressive sensibility in their tastes as reflected in the group’s liberal politics, alternative music, and lively nightlife. They are twice as likely as the general population to include college students living in group quarters.

The infographic on the left represents the compiled data and research that is in relation to the online and social media activities of our client’s target market.

–  The Target Market and Influential Analysis is the second milestone under the project: Social Media Marketing Plan for the AMC Program, which is in fulfillment of the MARK 5002 course (Integrated Digital Media) for the Interactive Marketing Communications, a Post Graduate Certificate granted by the St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON.

This Target Market and Influential Analysis report is also the second infographic that I have produced for the Social Media Marketing Plan. The first was A Digital Audit and Measurement for the AMC Program. I opted to use the Piktochart tool that lets you create free and simple infographics with the least amount of time that it takes (compared to using a desktop program like Illustrator or Photoshop).


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